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According to the Kauffman Foundation, 54% of millennials want to start or join a startup. This number has never been so high or risen so quickly.

A powerful new infrastructure supports entrepreneurship. Startup costs have dropped precipitously, and the internet has democratized information and tools. Accelerators and incubators, grant programs, and greater access to capital have kindled the entrepreneurial fire.

Young people today believe that best way to change the world is to start a business. Therefore, who entrepreneurs are and what they believe matters more than ever. The character of our next generation of entrepreneurs will determine our culture and our future.

ATLAS aims to cultivate purpose, judgment, integrity, urgency and curiosity in the next generation of entrepreneurs by showcasing extraordinary leaders in everyday life, the values that drive them and the paths that have formed them.

Join us as we study their lives and their journeys.

What is a “Principled Entrepreneur?”

Principled entrepreneurs demonstrate the following attributes while developing a strong sense of individual responsibility and growing a profitable business:

  • Purpose — Principled entrepreneurs pursue their calling with urgency and discipline. They deliberately align their personal mission with their business and favor impact over ideas.
  • Judgment — Principled entrepreneurs make business decisions based on facts and reason in ways that leverage their skill, experience and resources efficiently.
  • Curiosity — Principled Entrepreneurs learn eagerly, rapidly and humbly. They ask "why" at every turn and seek to learn within and beyond their specialty.
  • Integrity — Principled Entrepreneurs question actions inconsistent with their values and go out of their way to stand up for what is right no matter what. They seek to meaningfully advance their industry in a deliberate and respectful manner that champions agency, initiative, and teamwork.
  • Service — Principled Entrepreneurs share their gifts with others, but choose wisely who they serve. They have an ethic of stewardship and expect to account for how they've administered what others have entrusted them with. They are willing to invest in a healthy civil society.

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