Letter From the Editor — Issue #001

Welcome to Atlas

This letter marks the first issue of ATLAS, a quarterly publication founded to advance principled entrepreneurship by investigating the lives of extraordinary business leaders and sharing their beliefs, ideas and formative experiences with the world. But what is a principled entrepreneur, and why do they matter now? There are hundreds of publications – from blogs to magazines to books – flying off the shelves to meet the insatiable demand for entrepreneurship. Why add one more to the mix?

A principled entrepreneur demonstrates purpose, judgement, curiosity, integrity and service while growing a profitable and sound business. We live in a period of unprecedented economic, societal and political change. Entrepreneurship has always brought about change, but principled entrepreneurship shapes that change with clear intent and an unwavering commitment to a greater purpose. That’s why ATLAS’ mission is so important today, perhaps more than ever before.

We’ve been fortunate to speak with a number of truly exceptional business leaders that have opened their hearts and minds to share their stories through the lens of ATLAS. By creating a home for those stories, we hope to provide a powerful new resource for aspiring (and existing) entrepreneurs to learn from and yearn for. Through this small venue we will create a space to honor the hero’s journeys of incredible entrepreneurs who are thoughtfully building companies based on principles that extend beyond their own personal ambition.

Our first issue is grounded in the idea of ‘Principles at Work’, exploring how guiding principles manifest themselves in business.

The literal definition of principle is “a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.” Principles can range from faith, to wealth, to transparency, to community, to honesty, to whatever else might inform how you live your life. This issue illustrates precisely how those principles shaped successful businesses, as told by principled entrepreneurs themselves.

I hope to learn from you, our readers, as much as you learn from these stories. Let’s agree to keep this a dialogue as we embark on this journey together.

Onward, Robin

Featurette — #001

The Believer: Henry Kaestner on Profit and Principles

How Henry Kaestner Found Success Through Principled Entrepreneurship